Basic Spoken Kuwaiti Arabic Phrases and Words Translated to English

Arabic Phrases That Are Useful in the Home

English — Spoken Arabic

Hello! — Marhaba! or Sallam!

How are you? — Kef halik?(female)

How are you? — Kef halak?(male)

Fine or good — Zain

I’m fine or I’m good — Ana Zain(male or female)

Let’s go — yalla

wait — Lah-za

Wait a minute — lah-za digiga

Help — saadni

Goodnight –Layla sa eda

Kam sa-a or Cham sa-a? – How many hours?

Ente, sino tabin? – You, what do you want?

Wen bet com? – Where is your house?

Ahna kalas – we finished

Ana kalas – I finished

Ana kalas eshtakel — I finished my work.

Ente sino sawi? – What are you doing?

Ana sawi kada – I am making lunch

Ana sawi hada –I am making this

Ta-al le henna – Come here

Sino tabin? – What did you want?

Rohay Jahmeya – Go to the shop or store

Ta’ale henna eb sera-a – Come here quickly

Ta’ale betna — come to our house/home

Mako eikel – No food or eaten nothing

Wayed eikel — too much food

Sino gal et marra? What did the lady say?

Marra gal et ente mako mouk. — The lady said you have no brain.

Mako mouk – No brain or thick, stupid

Ente/Anti mako mouk — You have no brain, you are stupid

Mako wekt – No time

Mako shay — nothing

Ana mako wekt alyoum. I don’t have time today.

Mako eshtakel – No work

Ako eshtakel alyoum — there is work today

Mako may – No water

Ako eikel – There is food

Ako mouk – Have brain or intelligence, intelligent

Ako may – There is water

Mako may bel hammam — there is no water in the toilet

Ente/anti tabin may? — Do you like water?

Rohay hammam – Go to the toilet

Rohay bel dar kom — Go to your room

Wayed eshtakel – too much work

Ente/anti helwa – you are beautiful

Ente halo — you are handsome

Ente/anti mozina(female) – You are bad(female)

Anta mozin(riyal) — You are bad(male)

Ente tabin semich? – Do you like fish?

Ente tabin diyay/diyaya?- Do you like chicken?

Ente tabin lahim? — Do you like meat?

Sino gol? – What did he say?

Sino gal? — What did she say?

Lesh, ente Minona?– Why, are you crazy?(refers to a female)

Lesh, enta minon? – Why, are you crazy?(refers to a male)

eyalla em shy – come on let us go

lisana towil −long tongue( description of someone who answers back their employers)

Minona — crazy(refers to a female)

Minon — crazy man or male

Rahat bel mat’ar — went to the airport

Anti/Enti matchufi? — Can’t you see?

Some Arabic Phrases That Might Be Useful at the Airport

Arabic Phrases – English Meanings or Translations

Sallam Alikom! – Hello!

Kef halik? (Female)– How are you?

Kef halak? (Male) – How are you?

andikom Jawaz? – Have you got a passport?

Selonkom? — How are you all?

Selonich? — How are you?(female)

Al Hamdelelah , zenna — Praise God, good/fine

Zen – fine/good

Mozina – not good/not fine

Ento wen betrohon? – Where are you all going?

Lesh ente mako eshtakel? – Why, don’t you have a job?

Ente araf kallam Englisiya? – Do you speak English?

Ente araf kallam Arabiya? –Do you speak Arabic?

Fein agrab jameya? – Where is the nearest shop?

Fein/Wen – Where is

Al Hamdelellah – Praise God

Enshalla – God willing

Sa-a kam? or Kam sa-a? – What time, is it?, How many hours?

Sa-a kamse – Fifth hour

Andikom floose? – Do you have money? or Have you got money?

Mako floose, miskina — No money, poor thing

Kush yamin min henna – Go right here

Ro/Rohay fok – go up

Alla tool – straight

jedam – in front

Alla yameen – to the right

Alla shimel/alla Yasser – to the left

henna – here

min wara – behind

Yani eh? – What does that mean?

Ahna be roh bel Mata’ar? – I am going to the airport.

Enta tabit ro ma’ay? – Would you like to come with me?

Ahna be roh bukra. – We are going tomorrow.

Ana be roh bukra. – I am going tomorrow.

Bukra — tomorrow

maffish/mako shay – nothing/none

Masalama – Goodbye

Kabeer Mata’ar – Big Airport

Ma’araf – do not know

Kalli walli – leave it

Ente rohay fok − you go up

Ente rohay tahat − you go down

Ente rohay jedam — you go in front

Ente rohay ala tool — you go straight ahead

Some Funny Phrases That I Learned

Shinu gaa’id tal-i? – What are you staring at?

Ma tisma adel? – Can’t you hear properly?

Fee shay? – Anything wrong?

khallini broohay – leave me alone go.

Shit tal-i? – What are you looking at?

Shinu tabin? – What do you want?

Ana maismat kallam − I don’t listen.

Ente kelba/kelb − You are a cow.

Lisanna towil — long tongue( means answering back too much)

Ente/Anti mozina(female) − you are no good.

Ente/Anti mozin(male) bel dar− you are not good in bed

Ente zen/zain − You are good

Ente maesmekh? – Can’t you hear?

Shitana — Satan-like(female)

Shitan — Satan

Mat shoof? – Can’t you see?

Al marra kelba — she is a cow.

Al marra minona — The woman is crazy.

Ente minona — You are crazy(referring to a woman)

Anti/ente Minon — You are crazy(male)

Arabic Phrases Written as They Are Pronounced

Just to let you know, I wrote the Arabic words how they are pronounced because I can’t write the Arabic alphabets. I wish I could, but I find it is easier to learn the spoken version of Arabic than the alphabets. It is much easier to learn Arabic properly when you work and live in a place that they speak the Arabic language like in the Middle East.

Thank you for reading my article. I hope that it helps you as it did me. Please leave any comments that you may have at the bottom of this page. Shokaran—Thank you.



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